Enjoy Mediterranean Diet Plan To Lose Weight and Live Longer!

Do you want to lose weight and live longer? Try Mediterranean Diet plan.

This special plan emphasizes the basics of eating healthy like eating lots of fish, vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and incorporates unconventional components such as olive oil and red wine. By adding these variations to a diet that has been proven successful, a person can lose weight and fight heart disease. The Mediterranean diet plan is said to not only be an excellent way to lose weight, but it is supposed to do a great job at drastically reducing your risk of heart disease and some cancers.

Traditional Mediterranean diet plans are chock full of whole grain pastas, brown and wild rice, and other whole grains, including whole grain breads. As many fruits and veggies as possible should also be eaten each day. If meat is eaten, people on the Mediterranean diet mostly eat fish. Very rarely is red meat consumed on this plan. Nuts are also enjoyed in small quantities with this diet, as nuts are high in good fats and can produce added protein. A small amount of olive or canola oil can also be enjoyed on the Mediterranean diet plan.

The main components of the Mediterranean diet plan are:

* Eating little or no red meat
* Consuming fish at least two or three times per week
* Eating small amounts of nuts each day
* Eating mostly fruits and vegetables every day
* Only eat health fats such as olive oil
* Avoid using salt. Instead flavor your foods using spices and herbs
* exercise at least 30 minutes per day

The plan puts a lot of emphasis on eating healthy fats. That is why fish is the main meat in this diet. Fish are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which lower triglycerides, which improve the function of the blood vessels in our bodies. Nuts are also laden with omega-3s, and are encouraged on this diet as well. Just make sure that you are not eating nuts with lots of salt or sprinkled with sugars.

Wine is also allowed on this diet, in moderation, because studies have shown that consuming small amounts of wine on a regular basis may contribute to a reduced risk of heart disease. Typically, no more than 8 ounces of whine should be consumed on a daily basis.

If following the Mediterranean diet plan, you will want to avoid harmful fats such as hydrogenated oils and saturated fats as these are major contributors of heart disease. Red meat is also heavily associated with heart disease and should be cut completely out of the diet or should be limited to very small amounts per week.

Living a lifestyle by following the plan is very healthy and enjoyable. By choosing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, limiting your red meat consumption, eating plenty of fish and small amounts of healthy fats and wine, you can not only lose weight, you can reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.

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