Fitness Fix: Second Chance Fitness

It was February of 2001 and there I was, about to turn 41, when it hit me: “I’m not 20 any more!” 

OK, self-realization has never been my strong suit. Not only was I out of place on the basketball court, I was out of place climbing 2 flights of stairs. There were lots of friends telling me, “you’re not as young as you used to be, you have to give up on that stuff.” 

Give up? I grew up watching a nation decide to land on the moon, and then they did it. This was a country that had less computer power at all of NASA than most people have today in their cell phones, and yet they decided to go to the moon, and then did it. 

So I figured that surely by 2001, 30 years after the moon landing, people had figured out how to make fitness easy. Well, 6 months, 5 magazine subscriptions, 2 gym memberships, 3 personal tra

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