learn Sprint Training – The Importance of Speed Endurance Training

Being a great sprinter means that you need to get the total package. You need to have a good top-end speed and great speed endurance. You also need to get a excellent amount of strength which will keep you from having injured during the season. Right now I’m going to talk to you about developing stamina.

Developing speed endurance is not an simple task to take on. The workouts could often be grueling. More often than not you will find sprinters throwing up all over the track after a hard workout. But then they realize that when it comes down to race day its will always be worth the pain. Getting this type of stamina also allows you to chase down competitors in the longer distances such as the 200 and 400 m dash. Getting a good level of stamina will also create running the 100m dash feel like a walk in the park.

So how do you develop a good level of speed endurance? Developing this type of stamina more often than not calls for running anywhere from 150 m to 350 m. The rest between each run is about 5 to 10 minutes determined by how intense the workout is. And if you are performing a workout that involves running 350 m runs you will need to create sure you get at least 10 minutes rest between each run. Always remember the goal here is quality over quantity.

Doing too much speed endurance can often hinder your own raw speed. So try to perform this type of training no in excess of twice a week. And also make sure that you vary the intensity as a result you can effortlessly over train.

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