Walking And Weight Loss

exercise, in any form, needs persistence and the right effort to be effective. Walking can be a very effective method of weight loss, provided the right effort is made, and it is coupled with an appropriate Diet.

For walking and weight loss to work you must expend more energy from your body than you?re putting into it. For instance, if you are losing 100 calories each day walking, but increase your intake of calories by 100 calories each day, there will be no effective weight loss. And on an average, it takes 3500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat from your body.

In order to succeed at walking and weight loss, set a reasonable target ? it is not recommended that one lose more than a few pounds a week. Examine your lifestyle and make modifications to your diet. Simple modifications can add up. Cut out excessive fat from your diet, and replace it with healthy foods. It is natural to feel hungry as you burn more calories everyday, but try and eat foods that don?t add on the pounds unnecessarily.

Set yourself a walking and weight loss goal, breaking it down calories, duration and speed. It is important not to exert yourself too much, or your whole effort will prove to be counter-productive. Starting with a moderate pace, increase it as the weeks go by and level it off by walking for about an hour each day. During this one hour of exercise, step up the intensity as you go along ? by covering more miles per hour, or adding weights to your body while walking, or walking uphill. The greater the intensity of your workout, the more calories you will burn. Similarly, a heavier body will burn more energy, so adding weights can greatly aid you in losing more weight.

Aside from exercise, another factor that will be instrumental in helping you lose weight is the right mental attitude. Without that, you?re most likely to abandon your walking and weight loss efforts mid-way, or grudgingly carry out your routine which is not really helpful. Each morning, remind yourself of the end goal ? what is it that you are trying to achieve and why. Tell yourself of the immense benefits of your daily walk ? a healthier body, a healthier mind, weight loss, more self-confidence and a much better sense of well-being.

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