Walking Your Way To Physical Fitness

If you feel that you are sitting way more than you used to and your middle body part has gotten a little bigger, or maybe you have discover that lately you are getting winded just walking up a few steps. You’ve noticed that you are not as physically fit as you once was and it’s time to do something about it, but what where do you start?

For most people who are not in shape, walking is the way to go. Certainly, it’s not as exciting as running a marathon or entering a body building contest, but lose weight by walking can get you fit.

1. First check with your doctor about starting a walking program. Your doctor will probably give you an exam and maybe do an electrocardiogram (EKG) to determine that you are healthy enough, and then give you his blessing.

2. Before you take your first step, get a good pair of shoes that are made for walking. Sporting good stores have shoes for every activity, pick a pair that are designed for walking that feels good on your feet. These shoes will give you the proper support you need.

3. Dress yourself in layers and make sure your clothes are comfortable. If you wear layers, you can take off items and put them on again depending on what the weather is and how much you are exerting yourself.

4. Start out gradually; you don’t have to walk miles and miles on your first time out. A comfortable walking speed and shorter distance to start will keep you from quitting before you have really begun.

5. Try different routes and add variety when you are ready, integrate some hills, swing your arms, and or carry hand weights. This will not only keep you interested but help you becoming physically fit faster. Get a step counter and attach it to your pants. This little low-tech gadget doesn’t lie, it will tell you exactly how many steps you have taken every day. Whenever the weather is foul, find a mall to walk in or use a treadmill at a gym. Don’t let the weather be an excuse to skip a day.

6. Make your walking program more enjoyable, walk with a companion and keep up a lively conversation. Just keep an eye on your walking speed because it seems the better the conversation, the slower the walking gets. If you don’t have someone to walk with, consider bring a radio or have a small portable CD player to keep you company.

If you you are out of shape, lose weight fast and safe by walking may be just the solution for you to get back into physically fit again. Not only is walking good for your physical health, it can be fun and help you feel good about yourself.

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