Stop Dieting and Live

Steer clear of these Dieting dangers

High-Protein Diets
You will notice a small weight-loss early on. This is from decreased body water.
High-protein diets are not effective in the long run. They lack many of the antioxidants and phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables. They are also deficient in fiber. This is not a good long-term diet choice.
Low-Carb Diets
The brain needs glucose to survive. If you go on a low carb diet, then your body will compensate by forming ketones. This can put your body into an acid state. Low-carb diets usually create a miserable feeling. This is not a good long-term diet choice.
Fasting Diets
These diets do not work. Please be careful if you use them.
Starvation will slow your metabolism and lead to more weight gain. You will feel hungry and miserable. This is not a good long-term diet choice.
Ready-Made Food Packaged Diets
These diets are like Nutri Systems and Jenny Craig. They can have some successes, but only as long as you stay on their diet foods.
Do you really want to keep shelling out hundreds of dollars every month, forever, to lose the weight? There is a better way.
Acai Berries
These berries are good antioxidants but they won’t help you lose any weight. You can get the same effect from blueberries and save your money.
Colon Cleanse
The human intestine cells are always replacing themselves. They are some of the fastest cells to be renewed in the body. You don’t have to worry about things getting stuck inside you. The body cleans everything out. This is not a good or safe weight loss solution.
Quick Results and Fad Diets
I would fit the grapefruit diet under this category. These diets never work. The only thing you will lose is the confidence you need.
Excellent lose weight without dieting. Feel good weight loss product. If you’re not familiar with the grapefruit diet, it is simple. You are expected to eat some grapefruit with every meal to help lose weight. An example might be grapefruit juice in the morning, a whole grapefruit for lunch, and then juice again for dinner.

People say the diet burns off extra calories with its acidity. This is wrong; the stomach is full of acid so that won’t help. The only truth behind the diet is that you are filling up with a low calorie food. So instead of a brownie, you might eat a grapefruit. If you want an excellent way to Lose weight without dieting a Feel good weight loss program, then here it is….

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