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I cannot say enough to recommend this video. Really. It is the most effective, most challenging, and yet completely motivating workout I have ever done. (And I’ve done a few.) It is completely brilliant- a 20 minutes workout that actually kicks your butt; the length of the workout really makes you feel like you have got to push yourself and get through it, because you tell yourself, who can’t do 20 minutes? Psychologically, it really makes you want to finish, and finish strong.
And it pays dividends. If you’re anything like me, I couldn’t even do the video for 2 days after the first time I did it because I was just too sore. But in the best way, that I-really-got-a-serious-workout kind of way. Very satisfying. In under 30 minutes!
I love Jillian on The Biggest Loser, and she has the very same no-nonsense approach on the video that she uses on the ranch, and I think it really does push you. She tells it like it is- “If you are looking for a modification on jumping jacks… look elsewhere. I’m not going to give that to you, I have 400 pound people doing them on the ranch, and I know you can do this,” “I’m not gonna let you cheat. I know this is hard work. If we are promising you big things, we have to deliver.” And she’s right. If we’re really trying to get a workout in 23 minutes or whatever it is, she’s really got to make it hard to get results. But it works, and it’s worth it.
I have read several of the other reviews on here, and I would like to respond to some of the negative points that people have brought up:
-The intro to the video cannot be fast forwarded, so you actually have 2 or 3 minutes of Jillian talking at the beginning of the DVD that adds time to your workout without adding any action. OK, it is a bit annoying. But USE THIS TIME WISELY, by running in place or any other light cardio activity to extend the warm-up time. The video only gives a minute or two for your warm up, and trust me, you will need a little more than that to prepare your muscles for what’s coming.
-The workout is too challenging/not challenging enough… That’s crazy. It is what you make of it. If you think it’s too hard, modify – I didn’t use weights the first few times I did it, because you don’t want to shock your body by doing too much too soon. Give yourself time to get used to the motions and the workout before you add weights if you are a beginner. If you think it’s not hard enough or you are not getting enough burn in the strength training segments, you need to add more weight, or, considering this is just a 20 minute workout, alternate days doing this DVD as good cardio and doing a more in-depth 30 minute strength training segment the next day. There is no reason this DVD cannot be a staple in your routine, no matter your fitness level. It is an undeniably effective 20 minute workout. Make it work for you.
-It’s too high-impact. OK, there is a lot of jumping. That’s because jumping is wildly effective at burning calories. Again, 20 minute workout, it has to be as challenging as possible. You could cheat, and take it a little easier on your knees, but you will be sacrificing intensity. If you KNOW you have bad knees or arthritis and you still want a great workout, buy a mini trampoline for the jumping segments. You won’t be able to fully extend your legs to the side in the jumping jack sections, but you will still be able to jump and reduce a lot of the impact. My arthritic mother, who I bought a copy of this DVD for, did that and it worked perfectly for her.
-Not enough warm-up/cool-down. Come on, people. Did you really think that you can get a warm up, decent workout, and cool-down in 20 minutes flat? Let’s manage our expectations a little bit. It is 20 minutes. You will need to add a couple of minutes to the warm up, I addressed that earlier, just begin your warm up during the intro part of the DVD that you can’t fast-forward through. The cool down/stretching segment is also not long enough to really stretch everything you just hammered during the video. Turn the DVD off, and do some additional stretches for another 5 or 10 minutes. Even if you add to the warm up and the cool down, you’re at about 35 minutes for a great, complete, body-rocking workout. That is not unreasonable, especially considering most people would spend almost that much time in the car driving to and from the gym. (Where you would have to work out much longer than 20 minutes to get the kind of full-body workout that Jillian delivers here.)
The bottom line: It costs less than half of a monthly gym membership at even the most affordable gym, you can completely modify it to work for you, it is 20 minutes long and you do it in the comfort of your own home so you really have no excuses not to get it done, and it delivers like Domino’s. You will see and feel a difference faster than you thought possible, and the soreness in your muscles will let you know real quick that you are doing something effective.
Jillian knows what she is doing, and she will get you results. It is well worth the price and it absolutely makes the most out of every single second you spend doing it. What more could you ask for?!


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