Metabolism Boosting Belly Fat Burning Foods

Metabolism Boosting Belly Fat Burning Foods

When I started studying nutrition these fat burning super foods came as a shock to me. They may come as a shock to you as well. So here it goes.

1.)Avocados – are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is also loaded with fiber and the healthy fat that triggers the fat burning hormones and appetite control. Avocados by far is one of the best foods for burning fat. Avocados are very good too,and you use them in so many ways that you never get tired of them, I come up with so many ideas to use and combine all of these foods. Get creative mix it up.

The great thing is that you can use all 3 of these super healthy foods together in different recipes and get a massive boost to your metabolism for fat burning.

2.) Egg Yolks – is another one of these super foods that will burn fat. Believe me they are good for you and will fire up the furnace to get you burning that fat. They are loaded with so many dense nutrients that I could write a whole article on them alone. If you think about it egg yolks are the nucleus of the egg and is where most of the good stuff is located. So do not avoid the yolks, they are loaded with protein and they also raise your good cholesterol and will put it in balance.

Also if you use free range or cage free these are even better, but that is up to you.

So that leads us to our third food.

3.) Grass Fed Beef – is one of the best when it comes to beef. It is loaded with omega- 3 fatty acids and lower the omega 6 fats. This is just the opposite in cattle that are fed grains and given antibiotics etc. Grass Fed beef is so superior to other beef that are fed grains. Our cattle are supposed to roam the fields and eat grass not be given grains that are not even a part of their natural Diets. Grass Fed Beef has much higher levels of vitamins and minerals as well as conjugated linoleic acid or (CLA), which is another healthy fat that is great for fat burning and building muscle. The trick is to educate yourself to where your food is coming from to get to your table. It can be a rude awakening to learn just where your food comes from and what so called healthy foods are not so healthy after all.

Do your body good and use all 3 of these super foods to boost your metabolism to burn fat and keep the metabolism fired up. So those are the super fat burning foods that will boost your metabolism to start burning that belly fat

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