A Pole Dance / Fitness Magazine To Hit The Newsstands & Bookstores

Global Pole Dance Fitness

Pole Spin(TM) magazine just signed up with a major retail distributor who will now play a significant role in getting the publication way beyond the pole fitness community into leading bookstore chains such as Barnes & Nobles, Borders bookstores and major newsstand chains in the US beginning April twelve, 2011 with the third issue. The distribution will help broaden the appeal for the game across the world. This makes it the first publication in the industry to achieve this historical landmark worldwide . The Global Pole Dance Fitness & Way of living Magazine(TM), a quarterly publication about empowerment, health and fitness for women and men is a singular glossy print publication, the first of its kind for the pole dance / exercise industry worldwide . The innovative mag features insightful articles, interviews, resources, health concerns, and recipes to help readers to more clearly comprehend and appreciate the significant benefits of pole fitness as a sport.

fitness Since its launch in August 2010, the publication has been privileged to have seen a rapid growth and acceptance by avid disciples of yoga, gymnastics, conventional dance, aerial acrobatic and general enthusiasts all over the world. Many readers have discovered pole fitness as a result of the magazine’s in depth coverage of the sport. It featured the over 40 years old “Pole Pumas” article in the premiere issue -pole fitness practitioners who demonstrated that anything is still possible at all ages.

The sophomore issue pushed the envelope when it featured a 2-year-old boy, Youtube self-taught 14-year-old girl, and a 6-year-old “Mr Luis” who proudly shared the stage with his dad at the historical American Pole Fitness Championships 2010 in NY. In the current issue, a full figured pole practitioner happily shows off her weight indicating folk do not have to be rail thin to be on a pole! These are some of the unique facets of Pole Spin(TM). . The publication is already available through regional independent distributors and studios globally.

Subscription is available through the magazine’s website, also an online sources for pole sport reports and articles. Pole Spin(TM) magazine, under the editorial leadership of Tinu Naija , has quickly become a leading force in the pole health industry. She’s penning her first book set to launch in October 2011, a spin off from her hit promo video “Shoeholic” about shoes with a large following already waiting on the Facebook page! . A preview video for the 3rd issue is available on the publication’s Youtube Channel.

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  1. newsline2007 says:

    Each issue has diverse feature articles on weight lifting, beefing up muscle mass, nourishment and sports.

  2. This mag provides girls the incentive as well as the data they want from work-outs to nourishment, even fashion. Whether or not you are already in shape or If you'd like to quickly shape up, Mamp,F mag is the mag for you.

  3. Do the following workout : leg curl leg extension leg press lateral raise pullover bench press biceps curl triceps extension trunk curl Workout Rules Do one set of each one of the above exercises, but do that set to finish muscle failure. I know it sounds straightforward, but if you follow the above plan you can appear like you just stepped off the pages of a muscle and fitness mag.

  4. Demetrius says:

    The mag also includes workout guides, product reviews particularly on additions and other body-building tools, and detailed info on correct exercise – almost all of which are illustrated with varied pointers from pros in the field.

  5. caseyfxw says:

    They have featured celebs like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Weider, Mike O’Hearn, Dwayne Johnson, Evander Holyfield, and a lot of others. While any person can enjoy Mamp,F mag, Muscle amp, Fitness Hers is the mag only made for girls. Just as importantly, when you're looking for fresh concepts for exercise and work outs, then you may also learn much from Mamp,F.

  6. Seamus Case says:

    Muscle amp, Fitness Mag is especially designed for ladies and men of every age who wishes to know a lot more about good health and nourishment. It is maybe the most educational and all-embracing resource for girls of all age who wishes to be more physically fit and enticing. Just as importantly, when you are looking for fresh concepts for exercise and work outs, then you can learn plenty from Mamp,F.

  7. Leon says:

    It is a handy source of health, exercise and nourishment information.

  8. Alessandro says:

    Break your meals into 4-6 lighter meals during the day.

  9. Muscle amp, Fitness Mag covers a large range of subjects that may interest anyone that is into health and looking good. While any person can enjoy Mamp,F mag, Muscle amp, Fitness Hers is the mag only made for ladies.

  10. Pierce Cash says:

    Muscle amp, Fitness Mag has been designed for women and men of every age who wishes to know lots more about good health and nourishment.

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