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wpid-51dgvORfuHLSL500.jpgThe next step in your journey to better health and fitness – EA SPORTS Active More Workouts !

Product Information The EA SPORTS Active More Workouts gives users the benefit of a Personal Trainer in a box and will help them to stay on track to reach their fitness goals. Get inspired get motivated and get active!  More Workouts features over 35 new exercises to create unlimited combinations of customizable exercise routines that target the upper and lower body as well as cardio.New to the EA SPORTS Active franchise is an emphasis on abdominal exercises including curl ups crunch and punches as well as a warm up/cool down feature. An all-new presentation brings users to the tropics and immerses them in warm weather activities like water skiing and paddle surfing. The product also features the Six-Week Challenge – another step in the journey towards better health and fitness with new daily workouts that ramp up in intensity each week.Product FeaturesBenefit of a Personal Trainer in a BoxSimilar to a personal trainer the program provides clear instruction feedback on technique and encouragement while also providing calories burned in real time.Six-Week ChallengeThis personalized full body challenge will give users a new customizable weekly schedule and a weekly check-in with the virtual trainer to track calorie weight and workout goals.Full Body Circuit Workout RoutinesThe specially designed leg strap holds the Nunchuk while the Wii Remote is held in hand to track upper and lower body movements. A resistance band increases the intensity of exercises such as bicep curls.( Leg Strap and Resistance Band sold separately)Warm up and Cool downEight all-new warm up and cool down exercises that stretch muscles before and after workouts to help prevent aches and injury.Abdominal ExercisesAll-new detectable abdominal exercises help tone abs and strengthen the mid-section of the body.Personal Trainer to More WorkoutsProfiles and results achieved in Personal

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  1. Mohammed says:

    I am intensely enthusiastic about this. I am a single parent and this is something me and my children do together and we not only get exercise but have a great time..

  2. Freddy says:

    I can't argue with the thoughts of the other posters.

  3. Yahir says:

    We have got the whole family exercising now and we are all feeling better.

  4. frank.corso says:

    Wow I lost 23 pounds with your program thanks….

  5. I am getting this for my nephew thanks…

  6. Jonathan Boyer says:

    My family really loves these wii fit stuff etc….

  7. Aedan Hawkins says:

    I thank you for the links….

  8. margot23 says:

    Thanks mate, I have gotten so much from your site and the sites you link too…

  9. Milton says:

    I really am enjoying this thanks, we bought it last week and just love it….

  10. Dion Dixon says:

    I really like this thank you.

  11. I am a fitness game enthusiast great thanks.

  12. Byron says:

    A well-written post! It totally is not far off my friend's musings about this very topic.

  13. bob.kostiuck says:

    I think that has explained it really nicely.

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  15. Irving says:

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  17. Karl Phelps says:

    A really good piece of writing. This totally backs up my mate's posts about this very subject.

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  19. Ezequiel says:

    Have you got a Twitter account?, would adore to follow your thoughts.

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    This is a fascinating view point.

  21. newbie2dedi says:

    I assume if you think about it in that way then you're probably right.

  22. Steve Molina says:

    You have summed this up fairly well.

  23. owent001 says:

    I'm yet to find a debate refuting this argument.

  24. Ricardo says:

    i am not completely sure that I understand you, would you carry on to explain the final bit.

  25. Zavier says:

    So satisfied that I stumbled on this post.

  26. There seem to be plenty of readers here that are really well-informed.

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    Lovin' your writing.

  28. rafael.blanco says:

    some fascinating perspectives.

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