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Fitness Fix: Second Chance Fitness

It was February of 2001 and there I was, about to turn 41, when it hit me: “I’m not 20 any more!” 

OK, self-realization has never been my strong suit. Not only was I out of place on the basketball court, I was out of place climbing 2 flights of stairs. There were lots of friends telling me, “you’re not as young as you used to be, you have to give up on that stuff.” 

Give up? I grew up watching a nation decide to land on the moon, and then they did it. This was a country that had less computer power at all of NASA than most people have today in their cell phones, and yet they decided to go to the moon, and then did it. 

So I figured that surely by 2001, 30 years after the moon landing, people had figured out how to make fitness easy. Well, 6 months, 5 magazine subscriptions, 2 gym memberships, 3 personal tra

Losing Weight With Power Walking

Are you aware of the benefits of power walking? If it is something that you are not familiar with, then you need to listen carefully. Power walking is one of the quickest ways to lose weight. It is the most natural form of exercise that people know. It involves using the entire body and that is why it is so effective in losing weight. Power walking is better for you than running because it is easy on the joints. To be quite honest, power walking is the best form of cardiovascular exercise that exists.

You are probably wondering how you can get in on power walking. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, power walking is something that everyone should be doing. It does not matter what your age is, it can benefit you. Walking tones your entire body, from your legs, to your glutes, to your arms. Not to mention that it is a superb way to help get rid of the fat around your waistline. When you walk, you naturally add years to your life and health to your body. Power walking provides a mood lift and stimulates your entire body causing you to feel even more alive and live a better quality of life.

Here are some simple facts about power walking that everyone needs to know:

1. Always remember to walk correctly. The easiest way to do this is to land with the heel of the foot, roll through your step and bounce off with your toes. This will also to help you to quicken your step. With power walking, you will want to make sure that you are walking fast enough so that you can barely carry on a conversation. Be sure to breathe, and if it gets too uncomfortable, slow it down a bit.

2. Keep your head up when walking and lean forward slightly. By holding your head up correctly, you are setting the tone for the rest of your body. Leaning forward slightly will also help to take the pressure off of your lower back while walking. Focus on carrying out natural and focused movements.

3. Stay hydrated when walking. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your walks. Not drinking enough water can cause cramps, which can slow you down and cause you to end up quitting too soon.

4. If you are still having trouble picking up your speed after a few weeks, then try to tighten your glute muscles as tight as you can. You would not believe how much pep this will add to your step.

5. Focus on finding your own individual walking style. Walk the way that is most comfortable for you. You know that you have found your correct walking style when your body feels relaxed and you feel no pain or injury afterwards. Everything will seem to flow naturally.

Power walks can do wonders for your body. Try to stay on top of your walking by doing it at least 5 times per week. If you are a beginner, you may want to focus on walking for 3 days a week. After a couple of weeks or a month, start by adding one extra day to your routines with each passing week until you have reached 5 days per week. You can choose to walk all 7 if you would like. Just make sure that you do not wear yourself out in the beginning. Persistence is what is going to make this work for you. If you do not do as well one day as you did before, do not be hard on yourself. As long as you stay committed, you will see the end results that you desire.

physical fitness test

Fitness level our bodies are the most important possession we have. Our body is the one thing that allows us to do our everyday activities without trouble or worry. Fitness level it is only when our body break down that we feel the difficulty of doing everyday activities. Fitness level without our body we will not be able to do anything by ourselves. Fitness level we won?t be able to move, talk and even think properly. Fitness level is important that we not only take care of our bodies but also the different aspects of that affect our fitness and the ability to do the things we want and need to do.

General tips to improve fitness level

  • We should always take care of our body. Fitness level is basically the core of our well being. Fitness level our body is the one that makes us capable of the things that we are capable of doing. Fitness level to improve our fitness means that we should improve the way we treat our bodies. Fitness level we should eat right and exercise. Fitness level eating right involves eating properly and regularly. Fitness level does not mean that it is simply alright to eat anything we want with the amount we want. Fitness level eating regularly means eating just right so that our body will function all right. Fitness level also means following the daily recommended Dietary allowance that is suggested by the health professionals. Fitness level regular exercise should be done because of its benefits. Fitness level regular checkups are also suggested to prevent diseases from taking over our bodies. Vices and other harmful substances are to be avoided in order to keep the bodies? health.
  • Having a sound mind is also important to overall fitness level. Having a stress free lifestyle is almost impossible nowadays because of the demands of our time but there are things we can do to relieve this stress. Fitness level things like going out with friends, bonding, relaxing, meditating and many more can be used to create for your mind feelings of serenity and tranquility that will make our minds more capable of dealing with stress. Fitness level mind set of the person is also very important. Fitness level feelings of negativity like unhappiness, sadness, melancholy, anger etc. is detrimental to fitness because it makes us take action that is also detrimental to our health. Fitness level important that we stay positive, happy and grateful to improve our fitness level.
  • Fitness level having something to believe in is also an important part of fitness. Fitness level gives us a reason to live and do the things we want to do and also to keep on wanting to do it. Fitness level sometimes we lose ourselves to the world that we lose a grip of who we are and what we want to be and having something that we believe in keeps us from falling too low.
  • Fitness level having a social life is also an important factor for fitness. Fitness level saying goes, ?no man is an island? and it is also true when we are dealing with fitness. Fitness level being with other people helps and there are many theories about it but there are no proven reasons to it. Fitness level is only the proof that many people who have fulfilled social lives live better and happier lives than those who are usually alone. Fitness level basically just by being close to someone you enjoy, you benefit by achieving a better chance of improving your fitness.
    • Fitness is a play between the different aspects of being human. Fitness level taking care of all the different aspects of being human with the goal of being happy is the primary way of achieving an improved fitness level. http://www.healthreviser.com/content/fitness-test 

Endurance Conditioning – Force Factor

Muscular endurance is the ability of a skeletal muscle or group of muscles to continue contracting over a long period. When you have good muscular endurance, you have the ability to resist fatigue while holding a position, carrying something for a long period of time, or repeating a movement without getting tired. As you train for muscular endurance through a process called endurance conditioning, your muscles adapt as a result of changes in the slow-twitch or red fibers. These fibers have a high capacity to use oxygen due to the large amount of blood supply found in them. They are slow to contract but have the ability to continue to contract over long periods of time.

Physical Fitness Means Living Better, Longer

Regular vigorous exercise can provide the basis for good health and wellness. In the past health was determined by the absence of disease or illness. Today we define health in terms of physical, mental and emotional wellness. The health, fitness, and medical experts now regard physical activity, practiced on a regular basis, as essential for achieving and maintaining good health. 

Studies confirm that exercise will not only help you to live longer but enable you to live life at your fullest potential. But, being physically strong and fit is more than striving to live longer, it is striving to live better. If a proper exercise program helps you maintain good physical appearance, have more energy, sleep better, distress ones self, improve performance at a favorite sport or pastime and not have to worry about weight gain isn’t it worth it? 

Ponder the fitness truths listed below as this is what physical strength and fitness is all about. Being fit is about living every day to your fullest capacity not just getting by. 

This goal is within the reach of anyone who educates themselves regarding strength and fitness. 

Your body was made to be very active. 

Your body cannot handle the stress of sitting most of the day. 

Your body thrives on vigorous activity. 

You need to use energy to gain more energy. 

A physically fit body is better able to function at its full potential. 

Strong and fit people tend to feel really good about themselves. 

Most people would like to be strong and fit maybe not for the sake of appearance, but surely so that they can feel better and live longer. Unfortunately, many fall prey to mental obstacles that can prevent and get in the way of getting the exercise we need. 

The first and most important obstacle to conquer if you want to improve your health and fitness is thinking of exercise as an option. Devoting a small portion of each day to physical fitness is a must, not an option or a luxury. 

If you don’t make time to maintain strength and fitness the consequences may not be obvious in the short term. It could be tempting to engage in wishful thinking: “If I don’t work out, no one will know the difference.” That may be true – for a while. 

It takes time, years, even decades for a lack of physical activity to take its toll on our bodies. But the consequences will surely come: weight gain, lack of energy, loss of strength, loss of self esteem, daily tasks will start to become harder. Your career will suffer, your bones will become weaker and more brittle, your posture will take on an aged look, your heart and lungs will grow weaker, and you will become more prone to nasty diseases that could well shorten your life. 

All too often, we go through life, stumbling along down the road of good intentions. We intend to get in that gym workout today. Or, we may intend to begin an exercise program. But intentions, alone, are not enough we need to get started and continue to do it with consistency. Consistency with an exercise program helps it become a habit – a normal part of your everyday life 

You will find yourself looking forward to having that time to yourself…time to think, time to center yourself after the busyness of the day, time to release stress and time to recharge the batteries. In the long run, it’s all up to you and you have the power to make yourself look better, be healthier and live longer.

Powerful Periodized Strength Training Basics For Volleyball

strength training dominates most athletes’ fitness and conditioning programs through out the year. In particular, volleyball players are well-known to have one of the highest levels of strength training dedication. These elite athletes realize the benefits of a proper periodized strength training program.

Volleyball pushes players to the extreme. Each athlete is expected to excel in explosive movements, vertical jumps, power hitting and intense serves. The position rotation in volleyball signifies the definite need for comprehensive players. Being a great blocker is a huge plus, but volleyball thrives off of all-around spectacular athletes. Strength training is a massive component to any elite athlete.

Strength training for volleyball requires the knowledge of periodization. Periodization means changing one or more variables within your strength training program on a regular and consistent basis. These variables can include the exercise, the frequency of lifting, the intensity of lifting, or the method of lifting.

Volleyball players, as well as most other athletes, work on a yearly periodization schedule. They break their year down into 4 distinct segments or cycles. Each new segment means they should change their strength training program to match that cycle’s goals.

The four segments can be broken down into the off-season, the pre-season, the in-season, and the post-season. Each season has unique goals and a unique strength training program. Athletes allow time for resting, building strength and building sport specific functions before the start of the official game season.

The off-season’s goal is to build power and strength. The off-season utilizes power exercises and higher weights to increase muscle size and strength. Typically, the strength training program is most intense during the off-season. Athletes invest a lot of time to their basic fitness foundation.

The pre-season focuses on actual sport specific functions. Squatting, jumping, lateral stepping, hitting and spiking are all common volleyball movements. The pre-season volleyball strength training routine is less intense than the off-season. The goal is to maintain that strength and power, but to perfect sport specific movements. Most of the routine is dedicated to mock volleyball games and drills.

The in-season purely focuses on maintaining the off and pre-season’s goals. The off-season built power and the pre-season put that power to use. Athletes enjoy the fruits of their labor during the in-season. The spike that flies past the opponent’s head and drills into the floor is proof that strength training for volleyball works.

The post-season’s goals are about relaxation and repair. This is a time of year that includes low intensity workouts. The goal is to allow the body to heal after grueling months of high intensity workouts. These few weeks of rest and low intensity strength training and cardio bring the entire training year to a close. The post-season delivers a skilled and healed athlete to begin the off-season strength and power building again.

Off-season ~ Pre-season ~ In-season ~ Post-season ~ Repeat

Regardless of the season, a few things remain constant. Volleyball players should always perform one or more exercises for each muscle group. Each exercise should be performed through a full ROM (range of motion), and each strength training routine should steer towards sport specific movements.

Strength training for volleyball players is an essential and organic component of their fitness and conditioning program. Strength training delivers the edge that all athletes need to succeed. Periodization is necessary in all strength training programs. Volleyball and other sports have taught us the importance of a proper fitness routine based on specific goals.

Walking To Lose Weight ? Can Walking Really Help You Lose Weight

Okay you want to lose weight and you know you will have to exercise if you really want to shed the pounds. But do you have to become a body builder or a triathlon athlete to lose the weight and keep it off? Well?relax, the answer is no. It might be as simple as walking to lose weight. Let’s find out?

You have probably seen people walking around the malls, on bike paths or at lunchtime. You may have asked yourself “can walking really help you to lose weight?” Guess what?it can!

The exercise to round out your weight loss plan may be as simple as walking a couple days each week. Walking is not only good for weight management but for your heart, cardiovascular system, joints and muscle tone. Here are a few benefits walking can bring to your weight loss goals.

1. Walking burns more calories than you may think.
Walking burns almost as many calories as jogging, yet it is much easier on your joints. Here are some examples. A 150-pound person walking moderately (2.5 mph) for 30 minutes will burn 107 calories. If the same person walks for 45 minutes, he/she would burn 160 calories. You can calculate how many calories you will burn by using a “calorie calculator” which can be found free online. You will need to know your walking speed, weight and amount of time you will be walking then it will calculate the number of calories burned for you.

If you are unsure about your walking speed, try walking on a treadmill with no incline for one mile to see how long it takes. If you do not have access to a treadmill measure off one mile in your neighborhood with your car, walk it and note the amount of time it took you. Once you know the amount of time it takes you to walk one mile, you can calculate your walking speed.

Now divide 60 by the number of minutes it took you to walk one mile. Hence, if it took you 15 minutes: 60 divided by 15 = 4 mph. If it took you 20 minutes: 60 divided by 20 = 3 mph. If it took you 30 minutes: 60 divided by 30 = 2 mph.

2. You can increase your metabolism by walking.
Not only does walking burn calories, but it increases your metabolism for up to 12 hours after you walk even as little as 2 miles. If your metabolism seems to be slow, here is your chance to up it just by taking a daily walk.

3. Appetite reduction.
Do you seem hungry all the time no matter how much you eat? Walking may be the answer you need. Aerobic type exercises like walking have a tendency to suppress the appetite. One of the last things you will want after a good brisk walk is a heavy meal. If you do feel hungry after your walk, try drinking water first. You may be more thirsty than hungry. If water does not work, then you may be walking too fast and not really in the fat-burning zone. In this case, slow your walking pace.

These are just a few tips to help you learn how walking to lose weight can be beneficial. Want to know more?read on.

How To Live A Healthy Life With Proper Nutrition Fitness

Do you feel hungry all the time? Do you have tendencies of overeating? Are you overweight? These are some of the questions that you need to answer to know if you are eating a proper Diet. The questions mentioned earlier may indicate some signs of malnutrition. Being hungry especially when it leads to overeating may not mean that you are craving for food. This is a sign that your body is craving for some essential food nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, and others.

The negative side is that if you are lacking in some nutrients and you go on a diet by reducing your food intake, you may end up with more deficiencies which make your body to crave for more food. This is the main reason why most people find it difficult not to over eat. For you to avoid these hunger tendencies, you need to eat high quality foods. This way you can keep yourself from craving more food.

Basically, optimum nutrition fitness involves two vital factors which need to be considered. These are nutrition and regular exercise. Proper nutrition and fitness are two things that need to go together in order to achieve optimal wellness. Fitness is unattainable without proper nutrition.

The food that you eat has a big impact on your overall health. So if you want to be healthy and fit at all times, you need to exercise regularly and eat the right kinds of food. Proper nutrition is an essential component in achieving a healthy way of life, that’s why you have to pick the right food items which