Autism And The Role Of Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is important for everyone. But for children with autism it is extremely necessary. Why is proper nutrition important for them? Here are some reasons any parent should consider:

?It is an accepted fact that the body of an autistic child is not fully developed. But more than just the brain, other parts of their body are not working at 100 percent. Their immune system, for instance, is weaker compared to those not suffering from the disorder. And since their immune system is not working at its best, autistic children should be given enough nutrition to cushion whatever adverse effects it may cause.

?The digestive system of an autistic child cannot digestive complex food substances. Therefore, it ends up not absorbing every nutrient the food they ingest has to offer. Now, if one only depends on the food intake for the child’s source of nutrients, it is easy to see that it won’t be fulfilled easily.

These are just two reasons why proper nutrition is important for autistic children. But how does proper nutrition help autistic children exactly? Again, remember that the body of an autistic child is different from the body of a child without autism. Therefore, the needs of the two children are different. So what is the role of proper nutrition, exactly?

?Proper nutrition can help the brain develop. This is, of course, in the belief that autism is a biomedical disorder. In this line of thinking, one of the reasons why the brain did not fully develop (hence causing autism) is the lack of essential vitamins and nutrients in the body. Again, with this reasoning in mind, the idea is the child developed autism rather than being born with the disorder. What better way to supplant the lack of vitamins in the body than to replenish it with such substances through proper nutrition.

?Proper nutrition helps prevent the intake of potentially harmful food items This is especially true if the autistic child ingests simple food substances or special Diets without casein and gluten, among others. Again, many experts believe that another possible cause of autism is the effects of chemicals brought about by the intake of casein and gluten (chemicals that can be found on wheat and dairy products). Also, they say that autism symptoms can be triggered by certain food allergies. By making sure a child gets proper nutrition through

?Proper nutrition can help the digestive tract. According to research, the gastrointestinal tract of an autistic child is filled with millions of bacteria, more than the normal bacteria count in the digestive system of a healthy individual. Proper nutrition can help remedy this problem. With the right food products, the digestive tract can be cleansed, and harmful bacteria can be eliminated from the body.

Of course, when we say proper nutrition, we do not only mean food intake. Autism is a very special condition, after all. Autistic children deserve special nutritional treatments and supplements in order to remedy the problems that are caused by autism (or, rather, problems that caused autism). Substances such as colostrum, melatonin, probiotics, and Vitamin D help promote good health and, possibly, the alleviation of autism symptoms. More than just the usual necessity, proper nutrition can indeed do a lot of good for the well being of a child with autism.