The Original Buns of Steel [VHS]

wpid-51FYSAAWCDLSL500.jpgI have tried more than a few of the “Buns of Steel” series,  hands down this one (the original, produced in ’87) is still the best. Buns of Steel gets you motivated and more importantly, gets you tight in all the right places. The guy who leads the workout, Greg Smithey, was once an Olympian pole-vaulter and the exercises he uses on this tape were part of his training workout. I guarantee you will feel it!!

Erica K Hess (Austin, Texas United States)
This review is from: The Original Buns of Steel (VHS Tape)

This is the best video I’ve ever used. The moves are easy to follow, but they certainly don’t feel easy. If you want a simple but effective workout, look no further than the original Buns of Steel. Yes, it was made in 1987 and the clothes are terrible. Who cares? This doesn’t affect your workout, and in my opinion it adds to the fun! Others have complained about the music, but the beats really help you keep up the pace. Greg Smithey is a wonderful instructor — he explains the moves well and adds a touch of humor. If you want fast results, buy this video and do it a few times a week. Don’t feel discouraged if you can’t do all of the reps right away. Just do what you can and it will get easier. VHS TAPE.


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