How Dieting can sabotage your Weight Loss efforts

Are you tired of yoyo Dieting and weight loss? There must be a better way to lose weight and keep it off without being hungry all the time and essentially doing more harm than good to our bodies. You must know that yo yo dieting while trying one diet after another will not give you the long term satisfaction of weight loss you crave. I know for me it iwas very depressing and has definitely taken a toll on my body over the years. I don’t believe that I am alone when I say that I am tired of the fad diets promising us the next best way to lose weight. There is only one problem with a lot of the diets we use for weight loss. Our body is much smarter than we are at times and dieting is a perfect example. Our bodies can only work with the food we eat or don’t eat. Here is what I mean, we are eating everything and anything we wish and then all of sudden we decide okay that is enough I am going to start a diet. Our body only knows that we went from a plentiful supply of food to sporadic intervals of food being consumed. Our body now believes that food is scarce and it better store fat to prepare itself for this food shortage. Our bodies know their role, the problem is we are not working as one when we decide to deprive our body of the food it has grown accustomed too. In order for us to lose weight and keep it off there has to be a shift in our approach to weight loss. We must be in sync with our bodies interpretation of our actions. We need to figure out what is the correct amount of food for our body. We need to consider how much food is optimal for us personally, we must factor activity level, height, weight, age, male or female to figure out how much food we really need to sustain us. I know that nobody wants to count calories and keep track of what we are consuming but for some of us this is a must until we get on track and begin to take on a role of eating for who we are and what we need personally for this lifestyle change. Without this lifestyle change we can never mend our old ways in order to lose weight and keep it off. Not everyone needs to count calories as long as they have a reasonable understanding of what a correct portion of food looks like. The bottom line is we must learn self control and not over indulge in the foods we know to be sabotaging our weigh loss. I know it is easier said than done sometimes but no one can do this for us, we must want this for our selves and begin the process. I know for some of us food is comforting making us feel better, it can be more of an underlaying issue. There are some variables to why we overeat but it still comes down to the fact of how much effort are we willing to put forth to acomplish our weight loss goals. There are programs that can help you figure out what food you can eat alot of and what to stay away from. I can write all about how this has helped my family and friends but it is easier to have you visit our affiliate site and listen to┬áthe presentation of all the food that can help you finally begin the lifestyle change needed for permanant weight loss. This may or may not be for you but definitely won’t hurt you to have a better understanding of what your body thinks of different foods and what changes you can make to help with your weight loss