Tips to build unstoppable endurance for mixed martial arts

Martial arts endurance is not what people tend to think of when they think of the martial arts.? You think of speed, agility, flexibility and grace, but not endurance.? However, without endurance, none of these things would matter in a match.? It is good to be strong and have muscles, but being strong and having muscles doesn’t necessarily give you endurance.? Muscular endurance and cardio endurance are both important to martial arts training.

Endurance training starts with cardiovascular training.? Cardio refers to getting your heartbeat up to a certain amount of beats per minute, and keeping it there for at least 20 minutes.? There are many kinds of cardio that can help improve Martial arts endurance, but it is important to keep in mind what form or discipline of martial arts that you practice when choosing what cardio exercises to do.? For example, in Taekwon-do, tournaments have 2 minute rounds.? These 2 minute rounds have periods of high intensity activity and lower intensity periods.? So, for something like that, interval training would be what you would want.? Interval training is any cardiovascular exercise that has bursts of near maximum intensity coupled with recovery periods of lower intensity exercise.?

Muscular endurance combines strength and endurance.? When you are looking for muscular endurance, you need to keep in mind that if you develop too many muscles, you are sacrificing flexibility, agility and speed.? Muscular training is an important part of your Martial arts endurance training.? This type of endurance training is characterized by moderate weights and moderate reps.? If the amount of the weight or the amount of reps are too high, then you are bulking up on muscle.? If they are too low and easy, then you are just maintaining.? Again, when considering what exercises to do, it is important to consider what form of martial arts you practice.? A muscular endurance program is not just a weight lifting program.

Cardiovascular or aerobic training and muscular endurance training combined will improve your Martial arts endurance.? This endurance will help you to become a better martial artist, and you in tournaments or sparring.? The more endurance that you have, the longer you last.? Sometimes, when it comes down to opponents of equal skill, the one who has more endurance is the one who will win.? That is how important it is to your martial arts training and practice to increase your endurance.