How Much Walking Will Help You Most?

Walking is a good exercise.

I guess you know that. But do you walk regularly? I mean do you walk as an exercise? If someone has some kind of physical limitation or problem then he/she cannot walk. Otherwise every one of us walks.In fact we need to walk everyday. We walk in home, we walk in road, we walk in shopping mall, we walk in office and so on. This type of walking is of very short period and they doesn’t help our body like walking as exercise does. They do not contribute that much to our body. To get the real health benefits of walking you need to walk for a longer period and at a higher speed and not to mention regularly.
But how much walking is enough for you per day if you walk as an exercise? American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Heart Association (AHA) released an updated physical activities guideline in 2007. The guideline is updated from its earlier version published in 1995.

This guideline provides an exercise outline for healthy adults to stay healthy and fit and also to be away from chronic diseases. According to this guideline if you are a healthy adult person then moderately intense exercise for 30 minutes is enough for a day.By moderately intense exercises they mean some workout which will do the following two things:

  1. Make your breathing faster but you will be able to take conversation with others and
  2. Make you sweat

But do you have to do this kind of work out 7days/week? According to ACSM and AHA physical activity guideline you should do this type of workout 5 days a week.

So it is clear from this guideline that if you walk as an exercise then you should be¬†walking for at least 30 minutes and 5 days a week. The more the better. And in addition to that you have to be cautious about the speed of your walking. Because if you take a slow speed walk then walking for even 60 minutes won’t be that helpful. So walk at a pace in a way that you sweat and you feel that your heart rate has increased. This kind of walking will help you most.

Make a habit of walking. Keep yourself fit. Achieve fitness to enjoy more happiness in life. Increase your knowledge for a better life.